What is a Turn Key Home

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As more and more people look for better ways to create income streams and build wealth, they inevitably ask, “what is a turn key home?” The short answer is that a turn key home is an investment property that has been renovated and leased so that it will produce positive returns for you starting at the time of purchase. The …

Vlog: Understanding Risk

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  Hey, this is Erik Hitzelberger with Freedom Property Group, and today I want to talk to you about to you about risk. Risk is a word that most of us feel like we understand, but it often doesn’t mean what we think it means. By that, let me start with the definition. The best definition of risk that I’ve …


What Expenses to Expect when Owning a Rental Property

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Buying and holding turnkey investment properties is a great way to build an investment portfolio. Unlike stocks and bonds, a good rental property will increase your income AND your net worth.  Once you have selected a type of property and a market with demographic trends that lead to appreciation, you need to know how to calculate cash flow to make …

Five Steps to Get Started Investing

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Are you wondering how to get started in real estate investing and whether or not you’re financially ready? The sooner you start the higher the likelihood of achieving your goals, but there are a few things you should do first. 1.Set Reasonable Goals Beginning to invest is like starting a long journey. Before you start, you need to know where …

Rental Investment vs. Stock Market: Which Should You Choose?

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Having cash in a savings account or in the hidden room behind your bookcase is great for an emergency fund. However, it is not useful for building an investment portfolio that will provide passive income streams. Whether you are investing for lifestyle, for retirement, or for your children, achieving your goals takes patience, wisdom and, above all, strategy. The power …

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Vlog – Income Streams

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Are you planning for retirement, but not getting there fast enough? Learn how leveraging different income streams can help you prepare for retirement the smart way!

Income Streams

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Today I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects – retirement income streams. It may be true that I need to lead a more interesting life, but by the end of this conversation I hope you’ll start thinking and talking about income streams a lot more as well. When I first started out after college, the advice I …

Kitchen Design Trends 2017

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They say that the heart of the home can be found in the kitchen – and at Freedom Property Group we have found that to be true time and time again. Kitchen remodels consistently create one of the biggest returns on investment. Smart investors love a good return on investment and know that it’s important to consider design trends when …

Renting to Pet Owners

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So you’re ready to rent out your investment property to some wonderful new tenants – does that include pets too? Renting to pet owners can be a little worrisome. Although surely Fido is a loyal furry friend, you want to protect your investment and pets don’t always make it easy. At Freedom Property Group, we’re proud to rent to owners …