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Freedom Property Group is Kentucky’s premiere turn-key rental provider. We are able to uniquely help investors create long term monthly income they can build on through appreciating equity. This monthly cashflow is designed to be truly passive “mailbox money”, while building for the future with appreciating assets. Our properties bring above average rents, and above average tenants. We take care of all the headaches and work hard to protect your investment – so you don’t have to.

We make it easy for investors to purchase the right property, at the right price, with the right returns, from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a first time investor, or a seasoned vet looking outside traditional markets for better returns – you’ll be delighted with your experience with Freedom Property Group.

“I have been working with Freedom Properties Group (FPG) since January of 2016. I bought two turn-key properties from FPG that they had renovated. I consider my relationship with FPG as one of the biggest assets I have for my business.

– David Heath, Real Estate Investor


Our properties are completely renovated and built to last with no deferred maintenance.

At Freedom Property Group, we strive to provide superior quality. We go above and beyond when renovating our rental properties to ensure they are free of deferred maintenance and secure above market, long term renters.

No deferred maintenance means more money back in your pocket. This commitment to the longevity of our properties helps investors to:

  • Create reliable monthly cash flow
  • Save money on deferred maitenance
  • Maximize long term return on investment
  • Reduce the risk of what we call a “major event”
  • Enjoy a truly passive portfolio, free of the usual headaches of rental property
  • Actively create a retirement plan they can count on

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